How would your life change if you knew the resolution of any health condition you may have is at your fingertips?

Dr. Stone maintains a calm and relaxing environment in the clinic, with sufficient time to be spent with each patient, never a hurried atmosphere. We offer Massage therapy for you to assist in your health and well being.

Dr. Stone and his assistants always maintain a helpful environment, answering questions about care, insurance and appointments.

Our team has a family practice located in beautiful Camarillo, California. We are committed to the community we serve. We focus on long term health care and consider primary care to be essential to our practice. The attitude of the clinic is to serve the whole patient including lifestyle modification.

Together our team has been serving the community of Camarillo for over thirty four years. Our office welcomes all new patients and looks foward to serving them in the future. Let our expertise make the quality of your life better.