Massage by Rhea

Rhea's sole focus is on quality. She believes our clients are entitled to the highest quality therapeutic massage, sports massage therapy or prenatal massage therapy, while receiving the pampering offered by the most exclusive spas. Rhea has been taught how to work with pain and rehabilitate injuries to get the best outcomes possible. Therapeutic massage therapy focuses on charting range of motion to track improvements in the quality of motion and pain. Each therapeutic massage starts with an assessment to find out why you are seeking massage. Our focus is on treating the problem, with plausible science based manual therapy solutions.

Rhea has experience and is dedicated to provide superior Massage Services. You can expect luxurious decor in a calm and relaxing atmosphere where you can lift your stress away.

Our philosophy is simple: To give every person an exceptional experience from beginning to end. From the moment you walk-in to our office, you will have complete privacy from the outside world.

Whether you’re in pain or just need a pampering, relaxing massage or simply looking to indulge in a true inspired massage, we know exactly how you need to be treated.

At Chiropractic Health Care we like to pamper our guests and provide only the highest quality care. We understand you want the best for your health and we will do everything possible to provide that level of care.